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Photo sessions can be for just about anything. For example, family, couples, kids, seniors, maternity, etc. I am up for photographing in a traditional style, looking directly at the camera, candid, and lifestyle forms of photography. Depending on your budget depends on how elaborate the session will be.

Here are some thoughts about photography and the goals I am after…

Traditional posed shots can look fantastic, but I am on this kick of showing the real YOU. So many times we post our “best” selves in a posed format. Why not let me capture YOU doing what YOU love to do?

My kids love to go to the small playground. They will remember the playground vs a cookie cutter field shot.

I have a vision to do more in home settings capturing families doing what they like to do around the house. Whether is it watching a movie, playing games, cooking, and the list can go on. I really think this style can mean more than a typical group photo in a field or park.

*This is no bash on the posed style. I still want to provide this style, but want to try something new, something not everyone else is doing*

I’d love to connect and chat about how we can do this together!


As always photos are customized for the customer’s desires. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Please Call (334) 790-9792 or Email to discuss pricing info. 

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