Don’t wait until the last minute to book a videographer!

There are so many elements involved with a wedding. There’s the cake, dress, rings, venue, photographer, videographer, food, decorations, people, planner, and more. Each part is important and some items mean more to some people than other things. I respect what is important to people, but I have to bring something to your attention. The video.

Wedding Videos

Video vs photo or both?

Personally, I do favor videography over photography as far as importance goes. SO many times there are couples who budget for everything else and then see what is left for the video if the video was thought of in the first place. Many couples who did not get a video of their wedding have said they regret not having a video.

If you didn’t get a video, do you regret it? Leave a comment below. If you could only get one, which would you get?

I don’t want any couples to miss out on such a valuable part of the wedding day.

What I am about to say is no harmful intent to photography. I love photography as well! I love working with other photographers! So…

Your wedding video captures the wedding in a way that photos simply can’t do. For example, one of my recent weddings the bride messaged me asking about the dancing down the aisle that happened as the wedding party exited. The parents, grandparents, and wedding party goofed off a little while they walked down the aisle. Fortunately, I was able to capture it all on video and will be able to include the clips in the full feature wedding film.

That’s just one reason to get a video of your wedding. Another reason is that the video tells the story of the day. It’s more than just pressing record and letting the camera sit. My goal is to capture the emotions, vibes, and special moments throughout the time at the wedding. There are many moments that I end up tearing up, smiling, and enjoying the video footage as I am editing. I get to relive the day over and over. Just like you can too each time you watch the video.

Some of my favorite moments have been when a groom said vows to his soon-to-be (once the ceremony¬†is over) step-daughter. Many times the soft heartfelt chatter between the bride and groom or bride and father. I’m able to capture all the feels!

I could list off many examples of special moments from weddings that I am able to capture, the list could really go on. But I want to help convince you that you do not need to wait until the last minute or save the videographer for last for your wedding.

Rontrez & Rachel Peterson Wedding Highlight Video | Panama City, FL


Personally, the top things I would put the most money towards would be the venue, photography, and videography. Everything else there are many ways to cut corners if needed. As far as photography and videography go, it is definitely something you get what you pay for. There are some creators out there who will charge less, but will you get quality?


I offer a few packages to consider. Please visit my wedding video package page for more information. I would LOVE to book your wedding! Please contact me to see if I have your date open.

Last thought

If I could justify myself and work for just a moment. I run 3 cameras during the ceremony and reception. As well as 4-5 audio sources to capture all dynamics of the wedding. I also hire a 2nd shooter to assist me throughout the day. In reality, you’re getting a full production video. I should say videos. When you get a silver or gold package you’re getting a teaser, highlight, and the full recording of the ceremony and reception elements.

ALL THAT SAID. If you want wedding photography done, I am MORE than happy to work with you. As I said, I love photography too. Photography is such an important part of the wedding day.


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