5 Ways couples can make their wedding video AWESOME!

5 Ways couples can make their wedding video AWESOME!

Since I have begun filming weddings there have been a few things I have learned that couples can do to make their wedding video awesome! Granted, yes I am the guy who creates the video, does the best possible job to capture all the special moments, and turns those clips into an amazing video. However, you’ve got to give me something to work with.

You see, a wedding video is SO much more than simply pressing the red record button, make sure it’s in focus, and the battery doesn’t run out. My goal is to tell the story of the couple and their big day. The BEST wedding videos I have filmed are the ones with personal touches and details. When the couple does these next few things, it’s guaranteed to become an epic video experience!

In no particular order of importance. Each of these items are great ways to make your wedding video special.

1. Write Your Own Vows

Nothing is as precious as when the groom takes out the paper from his jacket pocket with his vows written out. Same for when the bride is handed her vows from the officiant. You know it’s going to be a special moment as they share their personally written vows. The shakey hands, quiver in each other’s voices, and the struggle to hold back tears.

2. Dedicated Videographer Time

Let me preface this by saying this is in no way a slam against photographers! Now we have that taken care of, let’s move on. Photos, for the most part, are posed shots during the bridal and couple segments of the day. They require the couple to stand still. Video on the hand requires some movement. Even a simple kiss needs some action instead of going in for the kiss and freezing in time. That’s why the videographer needs a little time separately from the photo portion.

Normally during my consultation meeting with the couple, I go over a few details to help coordinate with the photographer. Some of those details include asking for about 10-20 minutes with the couple apart from the photographer. If the photographer wants to snap some shots while I am working with the couple to get the cinematic shots needed, I ask the photographer not use a flash.

Just those two reasons alone help the video side of things go well when creating a highlight wedding film. Again a video needs movement and without any flashes going off.

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

In the photo above is one of the easiest photographers I have worked with. She was the first photographer to contact me before the wedding to collaborate on the wedding plans. We both had our jobs to do and we both have a team mindset. Because of this mindset we were both able to get what we needed.

3. Letter Readings

Similar to writing your own vows, letter readings are amazing! Letters are a bit more low key and down to earth. You’re not really making promises to each other in the letter, but simply sharing your excitement with each other. There are tons of ways to get this done.

  • Couples hold hands while not seeing each. Can be next to a wall or doorway.
  • During the gift exchange. I’ve seen it done with the wedding party in the room or just the bride or groom.
  • Read the other person’s letter.

Those are just a few ways I have seen letter readings done. Do what fits you guys the best. I promise it’s worth doing!

4. Toasts!

Toasts are other people’s chances to share something personal and special to them about the couple. Toasts can be given by anyone such as the maid of honor, best man, parents, etc. Get em on the mic, raise a glass, and have those meaningful words recorded.

Side note, make sure the DJ has em get on the mic. I connect to the DJ sound system to get clean audio recordings and it helps the video out TREMENDOUSLY!

5. Surprises

Sometimes there is a secret plan in place that would be great to have recorded. Let the videographer know so he/she can have the camera ready. Surprises can include someone proposing, gifts, etc. Even if the clips don’t make it into the highlight film, the clips can be given to couple for keepsakes purposes.

One of my favorite examples is when the groom knelt down and gave his vows to his future sstepdaughter One of the sweetest moments in a wedding I have been part of.

Bonus Point

Hire a videographer that has a second shooter and two to three cameras at least running. I am going to make another post about why it is essential to have at the bare minimum two cameras recording for the ceremony and reception. Long story short, if I didn’t have my three cameras recording during the ceremony and reception, I would have lost out on footage that needed to be in the videos. More to come on that subject!

Many of the points above have something in common, which is audio. Audio is a vital element to making a great wedding video. Vows, letters, toasts, all are wonderful parts of a wedding video!

These are just a few things that make a wedding video come together well and there are definitely more elements that go into making a wedding video memorable. Wedding videos have become a full production!

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