Proposal Stories – Video and photo

Proposal videos and photos

Wedding videos are one of my favorite videos I create! But there’s SO much more to the story than the wedding day. Part of the story includes the proposal and how the couple met.

Guys (or gals), let’s capture your proposal on video and photo! You plan and invest so much time, money, and thought into how you’re going to pop the big question, why not get it recorded?

Proposals can be a lot of fun, creative, and unique. It’s part of who you are. You want it to be perfect. And of course, you want your significant other to say yes!

Proposal videos and photos

Here’s What We Can Do

A video is a great way to add to your storyline of your wedding journey. Proposal videos can include interviews, moments leading up to the question, planning, the big question, and afterward reactions. The video will be able to capture every emotion and moment.

Technically speaking, you’ll get high definition audio and video quality, multiple camera angles, and delivered online to be able to share the special occasion with your friends and family.

The style of photography and proposals are a great combination because I LOVE the candid approach versus posed shots. My goal is to tell your story through video and photo, and the way I do that is by catching the peak moments of the occasion.

Just like the wedding coming up, the proposal goes by in just a second, which makes it SO important to capture the proposal on video and photo so you can relive the moment all over again.


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