Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

One of the ways I got into creative work is by developing product reviews and have been doing so since 2012. The reviews began with technology-related subjects and have evolved since then. What began as a hobby turned into something professional. Bane Tech has provided years of experience and professional work. I want to bring that experience into the Bane Creative space.

Bane Creative exists to tell the story of people and what they care about. If you’re a business owner, you care both about your customer and your product. Let’s work together to promote your product!

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

There are a few ways we can work together. Each way can be offered as individual services or as a combo. Please take a look at the following options and contact me to set up a meeting to chat about your ideas.


Stock photos – Stock photos allow many uses to showcase a product. Some of those uses could be for social media, signage, websites, and promotional materials.

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Modern stylized profile photos – Olan Mills had a great run and changed the game for many years of the style of headshots and portraits. Rather than going with a standard outdated backdrop, let’s get you in your natural environment for those shots.

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Architectural – Customers need to know what your place of business looks like on the inside and outside. If someone is searching the web and stumbles on your website or social media site they need to see high-quality images of your property.

Churches – Capturing service elements such as the worship team, service teams, and events are important to communicate what your church community looks like.

Professional photo/ video product reviews & promos

Need something else? Like I said at the beginning of this post, Bane Creative exists to tell your story. I can customize what you’re looking for.


Reviews – Reviews are something I have been doing for a long time. Reviews help customers decide whether or not the product is worth investing or not. People want to know the value of a product and I have years of experience review various products.

Promotional – There is a difference between a review and an ad. A review gives an unbias opinion about a product and an ad simply promotes the best elements of a product or service. If you need a video to highlight the best parts of a product/service, let’s talk.

Social Media – Videos can be catered for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so much more! A video is what works. Photos are great, but videos will take your social media sites to the next level!

Testimonials – Do you have customers that would LOVE to get on camera and share their experiences with your product or service? Let’s get em captured on a high-quality video that can be placed on your website, social media sites, or other areas of influence.

Orientations – Let’s face it, orientation videos can be a drag and very impersonal. Employees need to see a modern take on what your product and service are all about.


There are all kinds of ways to get your message and story to your audience. Let’s connect and chat about it over a cup of coffee, my treat!


I’d love to treat you to a cup of coffee to chat about your video ideas and dreams! Let’s connect! Please call, text, email, or message me on Facebook


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