Apriccio & Briana Brown’s Wedding Teaser Video | Jordan’s Activity Barn – Midland City, AL

Apriccio & Briana Brown's Wedding Teaser Video

Apriccio, Briana, and I first met at The Bird & The Bean Coffee Shop on Foster Street in Dothan, AL. Side note, that coffee shop is a great spot for meetings! Back on topic…The three of us met at the coffee shop to discuss their wedding plans and ideas. Come to find out Apriccio is a Gators fan, which was a great start! Go Gators! It was a joy to get to know the couple a little more while we met.

Apriccio & Briana Brown's Wedding Teaser Video

Apriccio and Briana chose to go with a new package that I offered at the time, which is the Doc Edit. The Doc Edit package is a fun one because it shows the most footage from the day, can include interviews, and more candid types of scenes. The package also includes a highlight and teaser film. The teaser film is what you’re about to watch below! The teaser is just a short one minute video that gives a sneak peak into what the larger videos will hold. Stay tuned for those videos when they comes out and you can follow this blog or social media profiles to keep up to date with what’s going on here at Bane Creative.

Apriccio & Briana Brown’s Wedding Teaser Video

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