It’s like your own movie mini-series

It's like your own movie mini-series

Since I started filming weddings I have developed a dream of an aspect I want to include in my video services. Long story short, I want to tell the story of a couple and their new family through a video series.

First Comes Love

Engagements stories. This is where it all begins. It’s about how the couple met, fell in love, and saw each other forever in their future. Engagement stories gives us a sneak peak into the couple’s lives as they begin their journey together approaching their wedding day.

As a videographer (aka story teller), getting to know the couple adds SO much value to how I film a wedding!

It's like your own movie mini-series

Then Comes Marriage

The big day! The day a couple chooses to love each other no matter what and commits to each other forever. It’s such an amazing celebration and I have LOVED being part of so many couple’s weddings. This is where we get to see the nerves, preparation, and planning come together.

Highlight films are a lot of fun to create. It’s a means to use my talents through video capturing the best parts of the wedding day. From preparations, to the ceremony, vows, dances, and toasts; there’s so many special moments to share.

In addition to highlight films I also offer other options to film the wedding day. First is the ceremony and reception videos. With this option I film the entire ceremony and reception elements (first dances and toasts) as a whole film. While highlight films capture the emotion of the day, full recordings are great keepsakes to pass on to generations to come. It’s also great to have incase loved ones are not able to attend the wedding day and they are able to see the whole ceremony through this video.

Another option is a doc edit. This style video has extended cuts, full ceremony, first dances, toasts, interviews, and other elements such as the wedding party giving their best wishes. Think of it as your own documentary film or memory book put on video.

Wedding days go by so fast, but wedding videos help you be able to go back and recall the day’s events. I promise you, you won’t regret having your wedding day filmed.

It's like your own movie mini-series

Then Comes the Baby in the Baby’s Carriage

Birth story films. Children are amazing. I have three of my own and was able to be in the room while each child was born. Being able to see my child first and hold my child first was such a blessing. Hearing the first cry, placing my large hand on their heads, talking to them for the first time, and the list goes on and on of what I cherished from those moments.

But a birth story is more than just the day of birth. I want to capture the emotions, thoughts, and expectations leading up to the birth. Let the couple document on video what they are looking forward to when the baby arrives. Their’s a back story to every child and their parents. Let’s get that on video!

After the child is born I would love to revisit the emotions, thoughts, and expectations that were captured before birth and then tell how those characteristics were exceeded once they met the child. Share with the world what the child means to you!

Tell the story of child from before birth, during birth, and after birth. When times get tough you have the testimony of what was spoken over the child before he or she was even born. When their are times of celebration you are able to look back at promises that were fulfilled. It’s way to speak into the child’s life!

It's like your own movie mini-series

What I do is more than just pressing the red record button on a camera. It’s about telling a story of a couple and the beginning of a family.

It’s like your own movie mini-series.

*Side Note – It would be fun to add birthday and graduation stories into the series of videos 🙂

I’d love to connect and chat with you about we can work together to tell your story. Please reach out and contact me either by email, phone, or social media.


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