Matthew & Morgan Fellows Highlight Wedding Video

Fellows highlight wedding video

Cinco de Mayo! May 5, 2017 Matthew and Morgan married each other at The Grand on Foster in Dothan, AL. This was a beautiful venue, couple, and wedding celebration! Take a look at their highlight video below.

Fellows Highlight Wedding Video

The Couple

Morgan contacted me through Facebook a while back inquiring about my videography services and learned about her connection with her father. This excited me as a creative because of the potential content that can come from a relationship like she has with her father. Fast forward to the wedding date, the first look with Mr. Roddam was a very sweet moment.

The first look with the bride and groom was just as good. Morgan was very anxious for this scene and it turned out very well. Throughout the photo sessions between the couple, wedding party, and family shots, I could tell this was a fun couple to be around. I also learned that Matthew is in the Marines, just got back from training, and headed off to California to live. Coming from a military background myself, it’s always nice to connect with other brothers in arms.

Matthew and Morgan decided to have a unity tree ceremony, which was a first for me, and I loved the idea. They both took dirt from each other’s homes, mixed it together under a lemon tree, and watered it together. I love the unique aspect of that ceremony versus a candle or sand ceremony that is seen often (not that there’s anything wrong with the candle or sand ceremony. My wedding we did a sand ceremony).

The family was wonderful to work with as well. Both sides of the family were welcoming and easy to work with. Best of luck to all you!

Fellows highlight wedding video

The Venue

This highlight video was amazing to work on. The day was full of joy, emotions, and excitement. This was the first time shooting at The Grand on Foster and it definitely provided some great shots because of the classy, modern, yet old fashioned building. My personal favorite spot at the grounds is the tunnel/ally way in the courtyard area. The video’s thumbnail shows what it looks like.

The Grand on Foster is a great spot to have any special occasion. From a creatives perspective it helps to have nice looking surroundings as it adds much character to the images. However, if you are a creative there are a few things to keep in mind while working the event.

  • Lighting – Ceremony room lighting is a little tough to work with. The lights are very orange and the daylight from the windows contrast as a white daylight color. If there’s not any daylight coming through, the room can be quite dim.
  • Space – The ceremony room is also quite long and narrow, which doesn’t give you many angles or space to move around.
  • Sound System – Throughout the ceremony and reception there was a lot of feedback. It was a bit distracting and made it difficult to capture audio from the ceremony vows.

The Grand on Foster was a lot of fun to work at because of the spectacular scenery. There are not many places in this area that has this type of quality. There are a few obstacles to overcome while working the event, but the features definitely outweigh the challenges. I would recommend booking your special occasion with them.

Fellows highlight wedding video


Shooting the Fellow’s wedding highlight video was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the celebration. I’m glad I got to experience The Grand on Foster, as it will help prepare for future bookings. Shout out to Travis Nelson, another creative who was able to help shoot the ceremony portion of the day, along with the first dances.

To wrap things up, this is the first blog entry on the website and I plan to continue to blog about wedding experiences. I’ve made preparations to begin making a new YouTube channel that will share wedding videos, guides, and vlogs. Maybe even some behind the scenes. It’s going to be a work in progress, but hope you’ll subscribe to be part of the journey. Click here to subscribe to the channel. With that said, I might be phasing out using Vimeo. We’ll cross that bridge later. Until then, subscribe to the channel and follow on the socials!


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